Smile, what is smile it is the best thing,gift you can give to anyone,anywhere and any time and it is priceless and most precious thing in this world.

Today in the world everyone is so depressed, and hopeless in their lives that everyone is surrounded with so many problems, some have nothing to eat,nothing to wear and even nothing for sitting underneath to keep oneself safe from heat and sun.

In these situations and circumstances if you give smile to someone may be he for atleast one second forget his or her problems and sufferings or may be because of your gift of smile his or her remaining day will pass in happiness and above all ALLAH created every person to give happiness and love to others, to help each other, by using the word help everyone think to help people with money, money is also another option but not the only option, if you give money to anyone it may give that person happiness but its not long lasting the money will end, but by giving a person a gift of smile you are also giving that person sweet, pleasurable and long lasting memoties which will give happiness to that person every time.

Most of us want the happiness and blessing of our creator (ALLAH) upon us, but only by offering prayers we will not enter in heavens because the real purpose is to serve humanity and do good deeds.

So, try to be happy and and share happiness around you by ‘SMILE’.

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